Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Reading Club for Adults

A total of 1,094 books were read by 303 patrons who signed up for the 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club.  The most popular nonfiction books were When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi and Dead Wake by Erik Larson. 

Six members liked The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney (“dysfunctional family at its finest!”).  The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews   was “a great summer read”.   The reviews of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child” by J.K. Rowling were mixed.  Jojo Moyes continues to be a favorite with Me Before You and After You.  Other titles receiving positive reviews were:  A Man called Ove by Fredrik Backman,  The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (“an awesome read”), Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins(“fast, entertaining read”). Historical fiction fans enjoyed Circling the Sun by Paula McLain and Alice Hoffman’s The Marriage of Opposites.  Readers can always count on new books by perennial bestselling authors Danielle Steel ( Precious Gifts), Daniel Silva (Black Widow), Liane Moriarty (Truly Madly Guilty),and James Patterson (15th Affair).

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Congratulations to the Adult Summer Reading Club Raffle Winners!

Larkfield Lanes Gift Card – Tim M.
Sweet Mama’s Gift Card – Margaret M.
Broadway Pizza and Carvel Gift Card – Rachel B.
Nicky’s Restaurant Gift Card – Debra L.
Elwood Cinemas Gift Card – Karin F.
Value Drugs Gift Card – Victoria L.
Old Fields Restaurant Gift Card – Lisa M.
Greenlawn Restaurant Gift Card – Charles S.
Greenlawn Hardware Gift Card – Jane M.
Ruvo Restaurant Gift Card – Virginia A.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club

Title: Taming Blaze #1 (Inferno Motorcycle Club)
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: This book was about a college girl named Dani who is trying to escape a bad situation with a boyfriend by running home to her father.  On her way, she has an encounter with Blaze who is with the Inferno MC. Trying to find out who killed her mother, Dani and Blaze uncover her father's secrets.
Rating: 4

Title: Saving Axe #2 (Inferno Motorcycle Club)
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: Axe, a former Marine Corps Sniper, is now a member of the Inferno MC until the Inferno MC betrays him.  He heads home to West Bend, Colorado and straight into a past love.  June left years earlier after her parents were killed in a drunk driving accident and her sister committed suicide.  Will
the memories be too much for her or will she fall in love all over again with Axe.
Rating: 4

Title: Breaking Hammer #3 (Inferno Motorcycle Club
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: Struggling to get over the murder of his wife and raise his daughter, Hammer swore he would never fall in love again.  After being taken as a child for trafficking, Meia is now owned like property by another man. After disappearing without a trace, Hammer rallies his motorcycle brothers to
help locate her and her young son who is also being held captive.  Will Hammer find her in time or will this finally break him?
Rating: 4

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club

Title: After Alice
Author: Calvin Trillin
Review: A beautifully written love story by Mr. Trillin to memorialize his wife.  Sweet.
Rating: 3.5

Title: The Good Girl
Author: Mary Kubica
Review: In a similar vein of "Gone Girl" this quick reading thriller has a few twists and turns that will keep you turning pages til you find out what happens with this "gripping story of an abduction where nothing is exactly what it seems."
Rating: 4

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Fun at the Harborfields Public Library

Learn more about some of the fun things you can do at  the library.

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club
Title: Elias (West Bend Series-Book 1)
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: This book was about a woman named River who grew up poor but became a movie star. When she finds her soon to be fiancĂ© and her sister in a compromising position, River leaves Hollywood and heads to West Bend, CO where she meets Elias Saint.  He is just back from rehab after losing his leg in the war and who also has a unfavorable past.  He never thought he'd return to West Bend, but family calls.  I enjoyed reading this book.  The characters were interesting and the plot engaging.  Turns out Elias Saint - is no saint at all.
Rating: 4

Title: Silas (West Bend Series - Book 2)
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: This is the second book in the West Bend Series and focuses on Silas (Elias' twin brother)  and Tempest Wilde.  Tempest is a grifter, but only cons people who deserve to be conned.  She like a modern day Robin Hood - gives money to the victims or those harmed by the people she's conning.
Tempest just happens to also be a past love of Silas - who he was supposed to marry until her parents whisked her away when she was a teenager.  When Tempest returns to West Bend after a heist and also bumping into Silas who was fighting in Vegas, the mystery of Silas father's death and then mother's death comes into play.  Will West Bend be Tempest's biggest con yet?  Read to find out.
Rating: 4

Title: Luke (West Bend Series) - Book 3
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: This is book 3 in the West Bend Series.  Luke is a Smoke Jumper who returns to West Bend after is parents death.  A mining company is suspiciously trying to buy up all the land in West Bend, including Luke's parents' property.  While there he meets Autumn, a cider orchard owner who needs help running her orchard.  Luke steps up, not only to help out on the orchard, but also to become romantically involved with Autumn who has a 2 year old child.  Who is trying to run Autumn off of her property though?
Rating: 4

Title: Killian (West Bend Series) Book 4
Author: Sabrina Paige
Review: This is book 4 in the West Bend Series.  Killian is a recluse and an oil rig worker who has moved back to a cabin he built in the mountains in West Bend.  He bumps into Lily (the local bakery owner and mother of a 7 year old) and spills his iced coffee all over her shirt.  Lily's trying to escape her past- a betraying (now dead) husband and Killian is just trying to live a quiet life building his cabin.  Sparks fly and their lives will never be the same again.
Rating: 4
Title: Wanted
Author: Kelly Elliott
Review: This is the first book of the Wanted series.  Ellie grew up verbally abused by her mother. She got good grades and headed off to the University of Texas where she falls in love with her brother's best friend, Gunner. Gunner is a football player who is in love with his best friend's little sister, Ellie. Though many obstacles get in their way, will love see them through?
Rating: 5

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club
Title: The Unfortunate Englishman
Author: John Lawton
Review: Like John LeCarre' this author delves into the motives of his characters. Berlin 1963, London,spies, Russians and all.  Very Good.
Rating: 4
Title: Guilty Minds
Author: Joseph Finder
Review: An untrue story about a Supreme Court Justice is about to post on a scandal website.  Nick Heller, a private eye investigator is hired to disprove it.Then all kinds of shenanigans occur.  Very Good.
Rating: 4

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club
Title: Beautiful Disaster
Author: Jamie McGuire
Review: Beautiful Disaster takes place on a college campus where Abby meets Travis.  She's trying to escape her past and stay out of trouble while Travis is involved in an underground fight club and trying to escape his own demons with destructive behavior.  Jamie McGuire writes amazing stories and I always love watching her characters unfold.  I met Jamie McGuire at Huntington Book Revue a couple of years ago and she truly is a wonderful author.
Rating: 5

Monday, July 18, 2016

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club

Title: The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Review: What a delightful book! A grumpy widowed book owner on Alice Island(fictional) finds an abandoned 2 yr old in bookstore with a note saying the mother wants her raised by people who love books. The characters are funny and real.
Rating: 5
Title: Kill and Be Killed
Author: Ed Begley
Review: This is a sequel to his Killer Come Hither and not quite as good. Trying to solve his uncle's faked suicide, he uncovered information linking a famous billionaire to any crimes. Now he is pursued.
Rating: 3
Title: House Girl
Author: Tara Conklin
Review: A young lawyer takes on a reparations case for her corporate firm and delves into the history of a slave girl and her descendants. An art exhibit of paintings from that time are also in dispute.
Rating: 4

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Excercise Your Mind at the Library 2016 Adult Summer Reading Club
Title: Love Unscripted
Author: Tina Reber
Review: I enjoyed this book very much!  It's about a bar owner who happens to meet up with a movie star after he runs into her bar to escape some overly zealous fans.  If you enjoy romance novels and some twists and turns, you'll surely enjoy this book too!
Rating: 5