Thursday, July 26, 2018

2018 Adult Summer Reading Club

Title: Educated
Author:  Tara Westover
Review: True story of a girl raised by a Morman, survivalist family in Idaho, and home schooled, who ends up at Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. Very interesting.
Rating: 5

Title: Asymetry
Author: Lisa Halliday
Review: This author had a long relationship with Phillip Roth which she wrote about in Vanity Fair. Her novel mirrors it, then tells a whole different story, then barely connects the two. Uneven (like the title) but very well written.
Rating: 3

Title: Heat and Light
Author: Jennifer Haigh
Review: Bakerton'Pa reduced from a booming coal town to near ruin gets another chance with natural gas. But how fracking affects the residents lives in myriad ways is this story.
Rating: 4

Title: Safe Houses
Author: Dan Fesperman
Review: A young CIA agent,in West Berlin in 1979 hears something she shouldn't. Many years later there's a double murder in farm town in Maryland. The victims' daughter investigates and uncovers all kinds of secrets. Areal page turner.

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