Friday, July 7, 2017

Build a Better World Adult Summer Reading Club

Title: The Force
Author: Don Winslow
Review: Dennis Malone is a decorated hero cop keeping the streets of Harlem safe from drug dealers and criminals. Or is he?! Da Force, as his crew of detectives is called, succumb to the temptations of the streets and then must pay the price.
Rating: 4

Title: Since We Fell
Author: Denis Lehane
Review: Rachel, a celebrated TV journalist, has a breakdown on air in Haiti. We follow her through her recovery and into even more dangerous situations. Dennis Lehane always keeps you interested.
Rating: 5

Title: Testimony
Author: Scott Turow
Review: Bill ten Boom, a successful lawyer as proscecutor, is restless at age 50. He takes a job with the ICC (International Criminal Court) in The Hague in the Netherlands. Investigating the disappearance of an entire Roma (Gypsy) refugee camp takes him to Bosnia where nothing is as it seems.
Rating: 5

Title: Defectors
Author: Joseph Kanon
Review: His brother defected to the Communists 12 years ago. Now he has to meet him in Russia to publish his memoirs. Is it real? Is he being played? Joseph Kanon always keeps you guessing.
Rating: 5

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