Monday, February 5, 2018

2018 Winter Reading Club

Title: No Time To Spare
Author: Ursula Le Guin
Review: An exquisite collection of essays by the acclaimed writer (who died on 1/22/18). Le Guin was a perspicacious intellectual and this offers a satisfying  peek into her thoughts.
Rating: 5

Title: We Are All Shipwrecks
Author: Kelly Carlisle
Review: Kelly Carliisle was 3 weeks old, when her mother was murdered. In this well-written, engaging memoir, the author describes an unusual childhood & tries to decipher truth from fiction.
Rating: 4

Title: The Bowery
Author: Paul Deville
Review: I had high hopes for this book when it was mentioned in a blurb in the WSJ. It reads like a textbook without enough visuals.
Rating: 2

Title: Taste What You're Missing
Author: Barb Stuckey
Review: The title is the best thing about this poorly written, obscenely redundant book. The sentences were so dreadfully constructed that they elicited laughter when I read them to my family.
Rating: 1

Title: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Author: Caitlin Doughty
Review: The lessons from the crematory are quite profound, and I am thankful that I found this book. I appreciate Doughty's insight and intelligence, and was charmed by her humor and honesty.
Rating: 4

Title: Unqualified
Author: Anna Faris
Review: Anna Faris's acting is exponentially more entertaining that her writing.
Rating: 2

Title: Priestdaddy: A memoir
Author: Patrician Lockwood
Review: A terrific, touching, extremely well-written memoir. Lockwood's humor is divine.
I cannot wait for her next book.
Rating: 5

Title: The NYT: Footsteps
Author: The NY Times
Review: If you read the NYT travel section, you've likely read these reprinted stories. Not coincidentally, the ones I didn't remember were probably the ones I didn't prefer in their original incarnation.
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Rating: 3

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